When it comes down to it, almost anyone can install your flooring, but nobody does it the way we do at Winder Flooring. From choosing the best flooring for your office or home to installing it perfectly, you get the best service and the best result in all of Lubbock. We work hard to deliver the best results as well as the best customer service, and our dedicated installers are ready to help you get the floor of your dreams completed within your budget!


What makes Winder Flooring different from other flooring installers? We go above and beyond to help you make the best choices regarding your flooring. When you call Winder Flooring, we set up an initial appointment in your home or business so we can evaluate your lifestyle (pets, children, and heavy foot traffic all affect what flooring may be best for you), take measurements for square footage and linear footage for trim work, and visit with you about your goals for performance and style. Our master installer also looks for areas of your home or business that may have problems that need to be solved or problems that wouldn’t allow for certain types of flooring. After that inspection, a master installer visits more with our customers about their findings and makes knowledgeable recommendations for what not only works for the person and budget, but for the home and business. At a later date, an appointment is set up to visit with you at one of the local flooring stores, and we help you choose brands that are good and meet the needs of your home or business. This part is what makes Winder Flooring successful – you aren’t just sold a color or a floor, you are educated on the best choices to make to have the successful, long-living floor. From there, we hit the ground running on floor installation.


Winder Flooring has the best flooring installation in Lubbock. Get in touch with us today to set up your initial consultation!