Winder Flooring works hard to be the best flooring installer in the Lubbock Texas Area. Our team works hard to ensure that your floor is the best one for your home, your lifestyle, your budget, and your style. At Winder Flooring, our flooring installation process is designed to make sure that you are able to get longevity out of your flooring. One of the most common reasons that flooring fails to perform properly is because of lack of floor prep before the new flooring is installed.  Because our process is different from other flooring installers, we are able to give our customers peace of mind that the flooring they have chosen will last for years to come. 


Our installation process, like our pre-installation process, is designed to help ensure that you are getting the most out of your money. We do everything with intention and integrity. After your flooring product is chosen and ordered, our team of qualified installers go to your home or business to make sure that your current flooring is removed and the substrate is prepped properly for your new flooring. Our installers know all the details about each specific type of flooring and the differences in how each must be installed. This is what Winder Flooring prides ourselves on – making sure that each installation follows the manufacturer’s installation requirements on each individual product. For example, when we use adhesive, we have to remove all foreign matter from the concrete – paint, drywall, nails, old glue, padding, and any other debris – before the flooring can be laid. Additionally, we may have to level the substrate so we are within tolerances for the specific floor being installed, and when installing vinyl and wood flooring, we have to pay attention to expansion gaps and trim. By following these rules, we ensure that the investment you have made to your home in the form of flooring is one that you can be proud of and one that will continue to build value.


Even the most expensive, well thought out purchase will end poorly if the install is not done correctly! Please get in touch with us to start building value in your home today.